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Reduce Avoidable Readmissions

using Carebook’s built-in library of evidence-based interventions.

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Improve Efficiency & Flow

using Carebook’s secure care team messaging to communicate in real-time.

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Improve Patient Satisfaction

using Carebook’s personalized engagement to keep patient and family informed.


Risk-stratify your patients

Improve staff and resource utilization by stratifying patient risks collaboratively. Then apply the right level of risk-based interventions to the right patient at the right time.


Coordinate care in real-time

Use secure role-based messaging, shared checklists and tasks to collaborate in real-time. Instantly refer patients to physicians for follow-up appointments and share hospital care summary.

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Follow-up care post discharge

After discharge, coordinate customized care based on readmission risk level. Hospital providers, aftercare providers and patients/caregivers can easily communicate and collaborate. Aftercare providers such as CTI® coaches and home nurses can document follow-up care.

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Build, Monitor & Improve your process

CareInSync works with you to analyze existing processes and identify improvements. Use our flexible care transitions process builder containing a library of evidence-based interventions and combine them with your existing best-practices to build improved processes. Use real-time dashboards to monitor care quality and efficiency.

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