Carebook Platform

CareInSync delivers a real-time multidisciplinary care collaboration platform for providers. Hospitalists, case managers, nurses, primary care, home care and other aftercare providers can dynamically create multidisciplinary care teams, collaborate on safe transition plans, coordinate care and engage patients and caregivers post-discharge. Through innovative integration of real-time collaboration with evidence-based inpatient & post-discharge checklists (e.g. Project BOOST®, Care Transitions Intervention®, Project RED®), CareInSync can help the care team navigate the patient through a safe & timely care transition.

The platform is flexible and allows customers to pick a set of tools and configure them to build a solution that meets their needs. The key components of the solution are:


Team-based Care

Carebook enables the creation of a virtual care team for each patient. It enhances multidisciplinary rounds by allowing them to communicate in real-time. By sending the right information to the right person(s) at the right time it helps avoid endless phone-tags and pager interruptions.


HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Care team members can communicate in real-time in the context of a patient. This communication is role based. So, as team members change shifts, they have access to all the messages exchanged by prior users of the same role. It supports both one-to-one and group communication.


Evidence Based Interventions

Carebook platform supports all evidence based interventions including RED®, BOOST®, and CTI®. A hospital can pick any of these interventions, combine them with their own best practices and build into provider work flows.


Customizable Checklists

Carebook platform comes with a set of pre-configured checklists widely used by hospitals. It also allows customers to configure their own checklists specific to a unit or role.


Risk Stratification

Improve staff and resource utilization by stratifying patient risks collaboratively. Then apply the right level of risk-based interventions to the right patient at the right time.


Real-time Dashboards

Monitor efficiency and care quality measures in real-time. Tweak processes to address gaps identified. Repeat these steps.


Build Your Own Process

Use our incredibly flexible care transitions process builder from a library of evidence-based interventions and mix in your existing best-practices. Choose what makes sense for your patients and your team and then roll it out with ease

CareInSync Modules

CareInSync offers multiple modules built on top of this extensible platform. These modules meet the needs of Hospitals, CBOs, PCMHs, ACOs and patients/caregivers:

Carebook ED

Carebook EDTM

ED module instantly connects the ED Physician with triage and admitting physicians. They can send consult requests and collaborate to make admission decisions. Carebook notifies flow staff the instant an admission decision is made. It also connects ED staff with pharmacy so they can collaborate on reconciliation of home meds.


Carebook FlowTM

The flow module connects flow staff with charge nurses of ED and  in-patient units.  Using a collaborative bed board, they can share patient discharge information, beds availability status, new admissions and bed requirements in real-time, thus improving patient throughput.


Carebook DischargeTM

The discharge module enables providers to form care teams around patients, and instantly communicate in patient context. They can collaboratively identify risks and apply evidence-based interventions based on the risk-level. It helps providers prepare patient and caregiver for a safe discharge.

Carebook Aftercare Pr

Carebook Aftercare PrTM

The Aftercare Provider module supports post-discharge interventions such as follow-up phone calls and CTI. Providers can review a snapshot of care delivered to patient, document their interventions and communicate & collaborate with other providers and caregivers.

Carebook Aftercare Pt

Carebook Aftercare PtTM

The Aftercare Patient module empowers patients and caregivers with the tools necessary to manage patient’s conditions post-discharge. It provides an easy to read summary of discharge instructions, a recording of the nurse teach-back session and ability to communicate with hospital and aftercare providers.



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    April 2014: Hearst Corporation acquires CareInSync. Carebook™ becomes part of Zynx Health solution .

    April 2014: MobiHealth: Hearst Health acquires care transitions software maker, CareInSync.

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